Using Stops When Swing Trading and Day Trading to Protect Your Capital

Placing stops in the trading world will protect your capital, and keep you in the game longer. Not only that, but placing them strategically will preserve capital, and limit how many times you may get whipsawed out of a trade. Place physical stops to limit your losses.

Trading Psychology – Use Mindfulness to Elevate Your Trading

Mindfulness can benefit the active trader in many ways helping to improve their trading and their trading psychology. Mindfulness can help reduce stress, increase a trader’s emotional intelligence, boost the trader’s ability to maintain concentration and attention, and even help the trader develop a greater awareness of the market environment. Mindfulness is not well understood by the typical trader.

How the Turtle Traders Became Millionaire Trading Commodities

In a few years times, almost all the turtle traders were millionaires themselves. A few failed. The reason was simple! They ignored the rules. Over the years, this project became famous as the Turtle Trading Experiment.

What is the Best Betfair Trading Software?

When it comes to Betfair trading software there are really only two current leaders in this market. That is Bet Angel and Bettrader evolution. Needless to say, it’s very hard to choose between the two.

Before Jumping in the Markets, You Need to Find Out What Kind of Trader You Are

If you are looking to get into the markets, you have to really educate yourself prior to actually risking any money. The lure for people to invest in the markets is usually started by learning of others successes rather than failures.

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