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Stock Market Day Trading Pitfalls

There are many mistakes one can make when it comes to stock investing. This article will outline exactly what you need to avoid in order to be a successful stock market day trader.

Trend is Your Friend – Fortunes Are Always Made With Trading Trends!

If you can ride the trend at the right time suppose when it just started or in its early stage and ride it till its end when it reverses itself, you can make a fortune! This is what the smart traders do to make a fortune in the market. They spot a trend in the market developing, enter it at the right time and exit before it reverses or changes itself and in the process make a lot of money!

Stock Market Trading As Per Newton’s Third Law

Stocks: A “stock” is a share in the ownership of a company. Stock Market: A place where stocks and bonds are bought and sold. In stock market stocks are bought and sold at the same time respectively by buyer and seller that are generally known as traders.

5 Steps to Winning at Day Trading Penny Stocks

Great claims are make about the profit potential of day trading penny stocks. The fact is most people fail in this endeavor. These five pointers will help you be one of the winners.

Day-Trading Money Management and How it Effects Your Psychology

Money management is very import in Day-Trading. Warren Buffet’s golden rule was to protect your capital. To protect your trading capital or trading bank in Day-Trading the use of a stop-loss is normally used. It is important to have a profit target as well.

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