+2.7k Trading Friday Momentum – Recap by Ross Cameron


Want To Get 98% Better Results From Your Trading? Here’s How!

So you have decided to give trading a go. You have made the decision. Awesome!

A Must Read Article About CFD Trading Advice

CFD trading is a relatively new concept to most traders and investors in Australia, which is understandable given the mechanics of CFDs are different to traditional share trading. Having an advisor or trading mentor who is able to explain the concept of CFDs and assist you to identify trading opportunities is often a relatively safe way for new CFD traders to gain exposure to financial markets.

Automated Trading System Development

If you want to make it trading and not have to sit in front of a computer all day, there is only one way: automated trading system development. Build the system and let a computer do the hard work while you sit on a beach.

Trading Psychology – Elevate Your Trading With 5 Tips on Trading Losses

“Trading losses are awful!” “Losses are terrible!” I can’t have a loss!” “When I have a trading loss, it just shows I’m not a good trader, husband, father, provider,… or person!”

Management Of Capital And Risks

In order to make profit at any financial market, it is necessary to have the theoretical skills, experience and the trading strategy, which includes: * Fundamental analysis; * Technical analysis; * Management of capital and risks. Fundamental analysis allows to define the currency rates’ dependence on countries’ economical situation, explains purposes and implements of central banks’ financial policy, detects ratio between various financial markets, and the reasons of their ups and downs. Fundamental analysis is used for medium- and long-run predictions, and estimates market’s perspectives.

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