2nd Green Day in a Row!

The Reasons Why Fibonacci Retracements Fail

The Fibonacci retracements are a combination of two terms combined to make a third term. This process occurs on an ongoing basis. The ratio is divided by the terms and comes to approximately 1.68 and is called a golden ratio.

Good Penny Stocks – A Different Approach

If you are new to trading you might wondering about the good penny stocks and how to find them. To put it simply, do you know if the good stocks are based on the share prices or a company’s product? In this article, we will recommend two ways of discovering good penny stocks that can allow you to generate a lot of money.

Man Versus Machine in the Battle of Algorithmic Trading

Technology has almost completely changed the way stock markets work, from the digital trading platforms to sophisticated algorithmic trading, sometimes known as algo trading. Algo trading uses computers and software to automate and develop trading strategies, in most cases faster than human traders can put in orders or respond to market moves.

3 Reasons Why Trend Trading Often Fails

Being in a position where you are able to trade as a career that not so many folks achieve in this lifetime. After having to read through volumes of materials, purchase costly automated systems and being part of several seminars, 95% of traders who engage in trending still fail.

Three Things You Need To Know About Penny Stock Trading

There are pros and cons to penny stock trading. Here are three things you need to know.

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