5 Things To Look For Before You Place A Trade (Pullback Trading)

The Importance of Discipline As a Day Trader

Learn why discipline is important for any day trader. Also learn how you can work on building discipline from exercises directly related to trading and exercises in you daily life.

Day Trading

What Requirements are Needed for Day Trading? There are various ways that an investor or trader can invest.

3 Things You Must Master to Achieve Success in Forex Trading

Trading Forex can let you have an endless stream of profit which can far exceed your living expenses plus it also offers the freedom of mobility. And because of that, many investors are attracted to trade the most liquid market in the world.

Trading Psychology – The Truth About Trading Errors and Winning Trades

In trading, we often think that it is the ability to make the big winning trades that separate great traders from the rest of us. That is not really true. This article explains why using performance data from a tennis match.

Scalping Stocks For A Living

Scalping stocks can provide a means to make a living for individual traders, but is definitely not easy. Scalping involves making several, or many, trades throughout the day often only being in a position for a few brief seconds, and other times for a few minutes. This type of trading is not for everyone though.

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