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Jesse Livermore’s Stock Market Trading Plan

Jesse Livermore is regarded as one of the best traders of all time. He has been featured in many books and is widely read by new and experienced traders. Edwin Lefevre’s Reminiscences of a Stock Operator published in 1923 is the most read book on Livermore. In fact, traders nowadays turn to Livermore for stock market trading plan.

Three Stock Market Trading Lessons From Jesse Livermore

If you’ve been day trading for some time now, you’ve probably heard of trading stops over and over again that they seem like cliche already. Don’t over trade. The market it always right. Use stop losses. Always trade with the primary trend. These are only a couple of basic stock market trading lessons that traders have heard from the experienced investors and applied for themselves.

Stock Market Trading Lessons Explain Why Price of Stocks Change

No one can predict the direction of the stock market. This explains why no one can predict why the prices of the stocks change. For inexperienced day traders, this is a challenge because there is nothing concrete in the industry that he decides to pursue full time. But for those who took the time to train in stock market trading lessons, they know exactly what to do and how to apply the trading strategies that they came up with.

Trade Your Plan and Plan Your Trade in the Stock Market Trading System

Trade your plan, plan your trade is one of the common advices in the field of trading and it is not just a funny remark that traders express. Do you know how popular trend followers and expert traders like Jerry Parker, John Henry and Bill Dunn do it? Exactly. In the stock market trading system, they trade their plans and plan their trades. Here are some of the common tips on how they do it in their style.

Stock Market Trading Advice: Avoid and Exploit Trading Traps

Every trader tends to experience one point in their trading experience where they can feel like they are trapped in some sort of situation where they cannot get out. A stock market trading advice is to avoid trading traps. These are mindsets and situations related to or associated with the trading business that will yield to losing or failing when you attempt to trade. Here are some of the trading traps and how you can avoid them and exploit them as well.

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