Almost Lost $20,000 Trading Forex 🤦‍♂️

A Simple Powerful Stock Day Trading Tip Using Multiple Time Frames

If you plan to succeed in trading over the long haul, you will need a reliable way of distinguishing between high-probability and low-probability trade setups. The Butterfly Pattern is a simple powerful stock day trading tip using multiple time frame analysis.

Why Not Try Financial Spread Betting

What has happened to the value of your investments recently? When I say recently I mean over the last number of years. The majority of people would’ve seen big declines.

Why Do E-Mini Trading Courses Cost So Much?

A casual perusal of the e-mini day trading courses available will leave a potential new trader with sticker shock. It is not unusual to see courses that are priced at $5000 or more. By any measure, this is a high-end purchase for most individuals. Of course, the question is a simple one, why are day trading courses so expensive?

Paper Trading on a Shoestring

Simulated trading, sometimes called paper trading, is a great way for aspiring traders to practice their craft without risking real money. Not only does it offer an opportunity to gain valuable hands-on experience, paper trading is also a good way for experienced traders to test out new ideas and new strategies while protecting their capital. Simulated trading also offers an opportunity to those interested in learning more about the activity, to have a go at little or no cost before committing more time and resources.

Is Paper Trading Pointless?

When it comes to learning any new skill, there is no substitute for experience. Reading books, taking courses, and getting training are all great ways to assimilate information, but you can’t beat getting your hands dirty and actually doing whatever it is you are trying to learn. Day trading is no exception to this rule.

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