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Electronic Trading – All That You Need to Know

Finance and investment are really important fields nowadays. A large number of people are entering this field in order to become successful. In this article, we are going to discuss about electronic trading. Well, electronic supply trading is a simple exercise of exchanging stock and other crucial possessions by means of an electronic brokerage system.

So You Want to Be a Trader? Your Brain Wants You to Fail and Lose Money!

Trading is not something that requires luck. Either you know what you are doing or you don’t. 90% of traders lose money.

It Seems Every Trade I Make Goes the Wrong Way

Traders often experience a time when every trade seems to go wrong; trading seems almost impossible and no matter what strategy is used, it doesn’t seem to make money. Thankfully, there is an answer, and it is closer than one might think.

Free Forex Robots – Which One’s Really Work?

Lately there’s been a lot of free forex robots that have been released and when I say free, they allow you to take a test drive use their services, signals or automated systems before you have to actually pay the full amount for them. In a lot of cases this is good because it allows you to find out if the bot is really worth the cost.

Fibonacci Retracements and Technical Trading

Among the many tools that technical traders utilize, none is more prized than Fibonacci retracements and extensions. By now, I’m sure that most traders are at least vaguely familiar with the origin of the Fibonacci sequence. If not, here is the quick version; mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci identified the sequence in the 13th century.

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