Best Candlstick Patterns Trading Strategies (in order from worst to best…)

Become a Forex IB to Benefit From a Lucrative Partnership

Among the huge financial marketplaces of today, the world of foreign exchange is more popular than other first-rate investment alternatives like stocks, commodities and bonds. With an average of $4 trillion being traded every day, the never-ending numbers of profit possibilities are found in the biggest financial market on the planet.

Play Smart And Create A History In The Flourishing Field Of Binary Trade

Binary options trade has gained remarkable success in few years time due to its simplicity & flexibility. However, it can also lead to some measurable losses if a trader lacks knowledge of effective binary trading which can be taught to only some extent, but can be specialized with significant experience.

Moving Averages Demystified

For traders or investors using technical analysis, moving averages, or “noise” helps smooth out the variations that occur from one day to the next. By smoothing out this noise, the trader is better able to track trends associated with different financial assets. When a trader is able to identify these trends using moving averages, he can then better choose those trades that are favorable and can become winning trades.

10 Key Points to Selecting a Stock Trading Mentor

Stock trading can be a very lucrative career but you must learn before you can earn. The first step is to find a good instructor but selecting the right one can be a daunting task. Often you don’t realize you’re with the wrong coach until it’s too late and you’ve lost your money or interest in trading. Here is a list of key questions to ask before you invest in the market or a mentor.

Tick Charts or Time-Based Charts For Trading Emini Futures

Charts are used by just about every emini futures trader that relies on technical analysis to read the market, spot potential set-ups and determine when to enter and exit positions. How these charts are set up within a trading system depends on many factors including personal preference, trading instrument and method of approach such as scalping, day trading or swing trading.

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