Best Forex Broker? (for Non US Clients)

Forex Software System

There are lots of things to be considered while looking for a good software solution for Forex trading. A good system can be able to meet one’s individual trading needs. One important aspect is the reputation of the vendor and product.

Dispelling the Myths of Day-Trading

As a trader that utilizes both short-term and day-trading strategies, I have been given a unique insight into the true benefits and disadvantages of both. As a teacher of trading, I have also had the opportunity to hear many oft quoted expressions in regard to trading that are firmly believed, but simply do not hold up under scrutiny. Many of these center on the subject of day-trading. If you are interested in day-trading, then it behooves you to know what is true and what is not.

Best Forex Software, Which Delivers Results

FAP Turbo is a Forex trading robot that you can easily run on your computer. The makers of FAP-Turbo have created a video tutorial section of their program where you can get videos that are anywhere from 3 to 7 minutes long and explain how to setup the FAP-Turbo system step by step.

Swine Flu and Options Trading

The recent global spreading of the Swine Flu has brought back fearful memories of the avian flu. In fact at this point in time, other than Mexico, USA, Canada, some parts of Europe, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Australia, Israel, Brazil, Colombia, France and the UK have reported confirmed or suspicious cases. So far, 160 have died of the Swine Flu.

Increasing Profits by Really Understanding the Level II When Day Trading

With Level II, just like poker, always ask yourself why is that person willing to tell me what is in their hand? Chances are that they not willing to tell you, they are trying to make you think that you know what they are doing. Always question what you see. If you had 50,000 shares to get rid of, would you just put out an offer for 50,000? No you would try to thin it off at a good price. You might do this by putting up some bids to push the stock a little higher; when it pops up a few cents you sell some shares. And you do this till you are out of shares ideally. Consider this when you are watching Level II.

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