Best Moving Average Trading Strategy (For Beginners)

Should You Invest in an Emini Trading Course?

A casual search of Google will turn up a plethora of emini trading courses which promise to revolutionize your trading and turn you into a literal trading machine. Without naming specific course, some of the claims are so outlandish as to be comical… and that is unfortunate.

ES, NQ, YM – Which Emini Contract Should You Trade?

There are a multitude of futures contracts available to trade, and choosing the proper contract is a matter of great importance. Each contract has a distinct personality and pattern of price action. It is little wonder that novice trader bounce from futures contract to futures contract trying to find a profitable formula to trade.

ES Emini – The Market is Right, You Are Wrong

If there were ever a tougher concept to assimilate than this little tidbit, I’d like to know what it would be. Common sense is a fine thing to possess, but it is of very little use when learning to trade ES Emini futures contracts. And here is the rub, the market does not always move in a logical manner.

Options Trading – Should You Be Scared?

Are you looking to start trading options but are a little bit nervous because of their reputation for causing financial destruction? Have your family or friends told you to stay away because they have told you they are too risky? If you have concerns over options then please keep reading.

My Experiences in Forex Trading Will Help You to Become a Successful Trader

To be a successful forex trader you should not have human emotions. That means do not trade on emotional impulses. Be in the trade for a long time. It means do not be out of capital. Be in the trade for a long time. It means do not be out of capital. Plan your Trade and Trade your Plan.

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