Intraday Trading Myths

Myths on intraday trading. Can you really make a profit?

Derivatives – What Are They?

Derivatives are financial instruments. They do not have a intrinsic value as they are derived from the value of another commodity, this could be coffee or another financial instrument example a share. We can trace back the development of derivatives to the commodities markets.

Day Trading System Design

Things to consider when designing a trading system. Are you ready to make that jump into day trading?

Options Trading For Beginners – Myth Busting – Trading For a Living Only Takes an Hour a Day

There are several companies out there that advertise and promote that you can make a substantial amount of money trading for only 30 to 60 minutes a day. We’d all like to believe that this is all that’s required but IS IT JUST A MYTH?

The Media Loves Drama

Many times, we see a new trader lose money when it isn’t necessary. Often they will listen to other people telling them what to do. The biggest culprit? The television.

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