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Three Habits of Successful Beginning E-Mini Traders

There are a variety of numbers bandied about concerning the success rate of beginning e-mini traders. Most often, you hear that 95% of all new traders fail within three months. That’s a pretty scary number, and when I hear it repeated I often wonder why anyone would want to tackle the challenges this career poses.

Measured Moves and E-Mini Trading: Do They Work?

If you gather a group of experienced e-mini traders in a group and float the topic of measured moves you are likely to hear a wide variety of polarizing opinions. As a matter of fact, you may be hard-pressed to get the group to agree on even a working definition of the term.

FAP Turbo Review

In this FAP Turbo review, I will take a closer look at this Forex trading robot that has been around for just over 2 years. When it comes to automated currency trading it is probably the most highly regarded program currently available. Many novice traders have used this system to quickly establish a continuous pattern of profitable trades no small feat for beginners!

Is the Trade-At Rule Making the Market Safer?

There is a debate going on about certain trading activity taking place in the industry. The question asked is should certain trading activity be allowed to continue. It seems that activity in the trading arena is considered inequitable.

Day Trading E-Mini Futures Can Be Easy

This is unlikely to happen overnight but day trading instruments even as challenging as e-mini futures does not have to be hard. In this article I explain why trading e-mini futures is often unnecessarily difficult and how to make it easier.

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