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Day Trading Strategies

Day trading refers to the process of selling and buying of stock of security within the same day. The way day traders make profits is by investing a large amount of capital to take advantage of small price movements in highly liquid stocks or indexes.

Trading Divergences and Convergences For Just About Any Stock Symbol

Locating convergences and divergences between a stock symbol and an indicator can yield many profitable positions to new and experience traders alike. Trying different indicators and understanding different markets can maximize this potential even farther.

Day Trading – When to Fold

Imagine this situation: you are having a great day trading the ES, and it’s only 11 AM. You have been hitting every trade on the money and garnered more points than any day in the past six months.

Emini Trading Course 101

It’s time to get some structure to your trading. Do you look for other strategies when trading is not going well? Are you jumping from one “system” to another looking for the holy-grail? In this Emini Trading Course 101 article we will show you where you’re going wrong, what’s causing the frustration and how to fix it.

Emini Trading Course

So you want to trade like the professionals? You’re about to read the article that will show you how. In this Emini trading course article we will let you in on the secrets of what professional traders do differently compared to other traders.

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