Break and Retest: A Simple Trading Strategy To Profit In Bull & Bear Markets

Build a Trading Business You Can Be Proud Of

Robert Kyosaki can build a trading business of meteoric proportions with very little effort. Any of his wisdom should therefore not be ignored. One pearl of wisdom is “in order to trade successfully, mind your own business.” When I first ran across that, I laughed. What does he mean, “Buzz off?”

7 Tips on the Right Way to Build Discipline Via Journaling

A trader must understand how to make profits. To do so a trader must first learn discipline and the best way to do so is to employ a journal. Learn the best way to build your discipline here.

Fail to Understand These Trading Tips at Your Peril

One of the best trading tips I could ever give you is to avoid the notion that trading is investing. Another trading tip is never enter into the many subtle traps of trading like this notion. Because many people discover trading through the stock market or other traditional investing channels, and hear trading called things like “high-yield investing,” trading is firmly associated with the investing world, especially in the mind of the newcomer.

Day Trading Robot’s Stock Pick Newsletter

The Day Trading Robot is far too expensive for most of us to buy at over $100,000/year. But there is an affordable alternative: The Day Trading Robot Stock Pick Newsletter.

Technical Strategies Minus the Emotion

For years I have taught people how to control their emotions, how to avoid following the rest of the sheep over the precipice. Well, when it comes to Day-Trading, or commodities and futures, the same principle applies. Let’s see why.

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