When is a Good Time to Sell a Winning Stock? A Few Tips

When is a good time to sell a winning stock? If you are a day trader you are going to be dealing with a lot of fluctuating stocks. The trick is to sell them at the right the time. So when is a good time to sell a winning stock? It all depends on your strategy.

What is Technical Analysis? A Simple Guide

What is technical analysis? A technical analysis sounds pretty boring. It can actually be extremely useful if you want to be successful in day trading. They key to day trading is information. You need to educate yourself about the market, the different practices, and the many different trends.

What is Day Trading? A Simple Answer

What is day trading? Day trading is basically the act of trading on the stock market during the day. You might think that might be the only type of trading. But foreign countries are involved in the trade market too. And those countries that are waking up when we are going to bed, means that there is a whole new side to the market that many people don’t even think of.

Use the Five Minute Rule of Day Trading to Protect Your Money

There are many rules that you will learn when you start to study the art of day trading. One of the most important rules to follow on a regular basis is the five minute rule of day trading. What is it? It is simply this.

Is Taking a Course For Day Trading Worth it?

If you go through the pain of educating yourself on day trading and put what you have learned into practice, you will find it well worth the effort in the long run. You will have a life where you own your own time. Nothing in the world feels better than that. For a period of time in the beginning though, the learning process can consume your life.

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