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Three Benefits of Being an Independent Financial Trader

When you delve deeply into the financial trading markets, you will discover that there are plenty of opportunities for those who will take the time to learn about the markets and trading strategies. Whilst the independent financial trader lifestyle is not best suited to everyone, many global traders are enjoying the benefits of this freedom.

2014 World Cup Fever – What Financial Traders Can Learn From the World Cup

You will in no doubt have seen the extensive preparations which have been highlighted over the last few weeks prior to the World Cup in 2014. Not only was the host country, Brazil faced with an enormous task to ensure that they were ready for the event, the sportsmen will have also had to deal with extensive training regimes in order to be physically fit and emotionally equipped for the football matches, which lie ahead of them.

What Traders Can Learn From Property Gurus?

Today has been a fun day for me as I accompanied my dad (who recently retired from his day job) to a property auction. I used the word fun because this was an interesting experience for me due to the fact that I used to be a mobile trader and, now, a market trader. Buying and selling properties is a form of trading as well because, as I just mentioned, it involves buying and selling. Beyond that, the trip to the auction house brought me back to ground level and reminded me a lot of the skills required to be a successful trader. Unlike being in the financial market, bidding for properties in an auction is an Art. This is an art because, while the property market is usually slow moving (you can place a purchase offer and the seller can decide to accept or reject at his own time), the auction house is one place where acquiring a property requires more than just submitting an offer. While I can go on about how fun the auction was, I thought it’ll be a more useful if I could convert some of the insights I had today into useful trading lessons.

Use These Personal Development Ideas To Improve Your Trading Goals

‘Personal Development’ seems to be one of those buzz words which has grown over the last few years and like me, you have probably seen the expression somewhere in your professional or personal life. So you may be asking yourself ‘what is Personal Development’?’ FGY Magazine – the specialist personal development resource tells us that ‘Personal Development is a self help and self improvement journey which helps an individual reach their fullest potential by discovering, creating and transforming their thoughts, environment and life. We asked our CEO who has been using some of these personal development techniques for the last eight years for his opinion and he has kindly provided the following five tips:

Indulge In Day Trading To Recover From Hard Times

Have you considered taking up day trading as one of the ways of generating an income or supplementing what you might be receiving from an existing source? It is indeed an option that deserves to be given a try and as long as you are able to approach it with a practical and educated mind-set, success could prove to be well within your reach.

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