Discouraging Red Day -$43k | Recap by Ross Cameron

Why You Must Develop the Best Day Trading Strategy to Become Profitable

Are you frustrated with making consistent losses from your trading activities? Are you struggling to at least break even? If this is true, you may need to take a step back and develop your own day trading strategy.

Simple Average Strategy For More Trading Profits

Instead of splitting, test this simple averaging tip for more trading profits. Works well for index trading, especially on the mini Dow.

Why You Need to Keep a Day Trading Diary – Starting Now

Research indicates that if you keep a day trading diary, you will become a successful and profitable day trader. Why is this? What exactly is it about this one little thing that causes so many previously unprofitable traders to turn around their balance sheet in a matter of days? The answer is incredible – and suggests you must start keeping a diary yourself, right now, in order to become the best trader you can possibly be.

Discretionary Or Mechanical Day Trading Systems – Which is Better?

With the majority of day traders and traders in general starting out as discretionary traders its easy to see why so many people fail in the early days. With no clear plan and a huge void when it comes to understanding the critical components of a trading system, its easy to see why they fail. Today we’ll take a look at the 2 main styles of trading which are discretionary and mechanical day trading systems. Which is going to be perfect for you? Find out here.

Day Trading Hot Tip – The One Thing You Must Know For Long Term Success

Imagine having the confidence to trade at the right level of position sizing and knowing that even after a couple of losing trades in a row that your edge is still right on target in the markets. Professional Day Traders know this one tool, this one strategy that is critical to their long term success and use this on a daily basis. By arming yourself with this information you can get a level of understanding that very few traders do regarding their trading system.

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