Do This If 2 Different Time Frames Are Showing 2 Different Trends…

Managing Risk – Four Mistakes Traders Make

Not everyone realizes the importance of a risk management system in trading. This is especially true for novice traders who are more concerned about the bottom line. They are mainly interested in making money. Like every other major undertaking though, this usually involves following a process.

Tips to Successful Forex Trading

While many people might say that forex trading is a tedious process, there are some people who work tirelessly and manage to find some ways to make forex trading easy. When asked to these successful traders, they were able to tell some baffling facts about forex some of which are outlined here. The basic principle behind successful forex traders is their choice of currency pairs.

Only a Disciplined Trader Can Make a Fortune!

Trading is in fact a mind game. Trading is all in your mind. Many traders don’t realize it. Consistent winners think differently from anyone else. Whether you trade stocks, forex, options, commodities, futures, bonds, ETFs or any other security, you need trading discipline in your trading decisions.

Forex Day Trading Signals Are the Key to Make Profit in Forex

Forex Day trading is the buying and selling of foreign currencies within one day. Forex day traders are most educated in market movements and they’re usually trading in large amounts of money. They trade everyday and add that essential liquidity value to the markets.

E Mini Trading Before the Session Opens

One of my favorite times to trade the ES e mini is in the hours before the session opens. I usually start around 6 AM CST and find more than my share of good trading opportunities. The market is generally fairly tame and that trading is usually not frenetic.

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