Do This To Find Trade Setups – Supply & Demand


Trading Indices

If you trade a diversified portfolio, there is a greater chance that you will catch some of the truly giant moves which make for successful trading. Indices are one of the markets you can add to your portfolio.

How to Trade Options – 3 Rules to Follow For Successful Options Trading

Options are referred to as a leveraged financial instrument because they allow you to multiply your gains and control your risk more in a trade. For serious traders, I consider options mastery to be an essential, and would never leave them out of my own portfolio. But for people who are still new to the game, there’s a lot to be learned. If you need some tips and startup information for trading options, here’s an introduction as well as 3 solid rules to follow to keep you safe in the options trading pit.

Day Trading – Secrets of Success Exposed – You’re NOT Neil Armstrong (So Stop Acting Like It)

Day trading secrets to successful day trading really AREN’T secrets. You just need to know where to look to learn day trading. If you want to learn day trading secrets, then you just need to open up your eyes and look around. Here are some day trading secrets that you can’t afford to ignore.

Trading Psychology – Five Common Mistakes Traders Make in Keeping a Trading Journal

Some of the biggest errors traders is related to their trading journal. Here are five common errors that can easily be corrected and put you on the path for successful trading through your trading journal.

Learn Forex Basics

Take the first step to being a part of the 3 trillion dollar daily market. The effort of doing it right from the start will more than pay off in the end.

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