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Do You Have Trading Analysis Paralysis?

A man has been going to the horse races for 25 years. Before he goes, he researches everything he can find about the horses and the jockeys – their age, weight, wins, and losses. He knows what the weather will be and if the condition of the track will be affected.

Don’t Be Afraid to Cut Your Trading Losses

Tony Loton, author of “Don’t Lose Money in the Stock Markets,” says “If your investment falls by 50% you’ll need a 100% rise just to get you back where you started. So when speculating in the stock markets, protecting the money you do have is just as important as making some more.”

Learn to Follow a 5 Step Trading System Rather Than Your Emotions

A trading system is the best way to maintain your composure during chaotic markets. The better your trading system, the less your emotions will be a factor in your decisions. These 5 steps are easy enough to follow. The question is, will you?

How to Get Added Value and Confirmation

Professional traders use many indicators to pick a position. The duo of forward and lagging indicators makes trading very profitable. See the different mixes for different time frames and scenarios for successful trading.

6 Skills Every Trader Should Have Going Into Trading

Whether day trading, scalping, or investing, there are fundamental skills that each trader should master. Skill-building activities will help you sharpen your ability to make money and cash in on critical market movements.

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