EA FOR OPENING MULTIPLE ENTRIES | MT4 multiple order script for trading: Forex Trading strategies

Currency Trading – Turning Cash Into Packs of Stocks

Almost everyone recognizes the estimate of “the cash in our pockets” right at this moment. We realise that the US dollar changes its price every moment…

Cutting-Edge Trading Psychology – Can You Learn to Trade in the Zone Like Elite Athletes?

You’ve heard about ‘the zone’ and how helpful it is for trading. But what exactly is this zone and can traders really learn to get into the zone? The answer is yes and this article tells how.

Mistakes Traders Make

Trading the stock market is a very abnormal way of making money. There are so many ways for you to make or lose money, and you have to keep on your toes and be cautious to avoid losing your money. Here are the top 3 mistakes traders will make.

Candle Charts Add Spice to a Dull Subject

Candle Charts are best viewed in real time data display. The charts virtually come to life as the viewer can see for himself the traders’ mindset at work as buying and selling progresses.

The Candlechart Belongs in Every Trader’s Toolbox

The Candlechart is the movie screen upon which Candlesticks are displayed. Most usually in this day and age, he Candlechart appears in electronic form. The Candlechart is where we see trends developing and reversing field. The Candlesticks are especially adept at finding key reversals of trend even before they emerge.

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