Enable Automatic Channel in Harmonic Pattern Indicator

Are Lagging Indicators the Reason So Many New E-Mini Traders Implode?

There can be no doubt that an extraordinary number of first-time e-mini traders are finished with trading within three months. To be sure, various statistics put the failure rate upward of 90%. Surely there must be some reason for this extraordinary rate of failure.

A Look Into Forex Trading

Forex is one of the biggest markets that currently available for traders as well as people who would like to earn some extra money on part-time basis. Also referred to as currency market or foreign exchange, this method of trading offers high liquidity, a competitive as well as a 24 hour market. When it was first created, it was mainly meant to cater for the supply and demand of currencies for both banks and financial institutions.

E-Mini Trading: Why Is Scalp Trading So Effective When Other Systems Fail?

From the onset let me disclose that I am a dyed in the wool e-mini scalper. Further, I never trade the ES because there so many other contracts that have more predictable and better price movement than the ES.

E-Mini Trading: Should You Use Lots of Indicators or Only One?

I have met experienced e-mini traders at both the institutional and retail levels that can read price action accurately and know what the market is doing at a given point of time. I never reached that level, nor do I expect to; an overwhelming number traders at the professional level (like 99.9 %) are extremely dependent on measurement, and rate of change, of market internal variables.

How Binary Options Software Can Help You Increase Profits

If you know anything about binary options trading, you know that it’s all about predicting whether the value of a certain asset will go up or down. That means, you have to decide if the value of an asset is going to be higher after a certain time frame or lower. Based on that, you will either buy put options or call options.

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