EURUSD Pullback Signal: Is it Time to Buy?

Trade the Equity Curve for More Consistent Results

A money management technique that can often improve trading performance is to modify position sizing based on crossovers of a moving average of the equity curve. The basic idea is to either trade more or fewer shares or contracts when the equity curve crosses above or below its moving average. Proper application of equity curve trading techniques can reduce drawdowns, produce a smoother equity curve, and often increase net profitability by reducing losses.

Position Sizing Basics for Short-Term Trading

Most trading experts agree that money management is one of the most critical aspects of trading. Position sizing — also known as trade sizing, bet sizing or betting strategy — is one of the key elements of money management. Whatever you call it, it’s the process of determining how much to trade. If you trade stocks, it’s the number of shares to trade. If you trade futures or options, it’s the number of contracts. Position sizing can be used to increase returns, reduce risk, improve the risk/return ratio, and smooth the equity curve, among other goals.

The Truth About Day Trading

This article highlights the the facts about day trading. It prepares the mind of the would be trader to be more discipline in his approach to trading. It recommends certain times of the day to trade in the market to ensure good returns.

Range Trading Will Be Easier When You Implement This Simple And Reliable Range Trading Strategy

Range trading is one of the few established forex trading strategies you need to master if you are looking to profit trading forex. In many occasions the market will just be range-bound and if you want to make an income out of forex you must know how to generate a profit in these conditions. The attractiveness of range trading is…

Day Trade School: Tips On Day Trade

Being a day trader requires extreme attention to detail, analytical thinking, iron emotion, long dedicated hours and the ability to do what is right when everybody else says you are wrong. Being a successful day trader does not come easy, but it can be very gratifying and monetarily lucrative. Choosing a day trade school requires you to research carefully and come upon a conclusion that can teach you the nitty-gritty’s of becoming a successful day trader.

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