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Forex Trading Basics

In our today’s global market it has become increasingly important to get adequate investment knowledge as this can adequately reduce risk exposure if well guided. The Forex market has remained one of the world’s biggest financial markets with its daily volume well over US$3 trillion. It is expected that every would be investors get themselves acquainted with the Forex trading basics.

Common Trading Mistakes You Should Avoid

In trading, as in life in general, we all know that experience is the best teacher. However, failures in stock market trading bear more weight since you stand to lose thousands of dollars (or more) with each mistake that you make. So as to help you recognize red flags and prevent you from losing money further, here is a list of some common mistakes you might want to avoid.

The Triple Threat Trader

While they may not know it, all successful traders are what we would now commonly call “triple threat traders”. Analysing the methods and plans of these traders can help the new trader develop into a success. The triple threat trader is one who successfully combines technical analysis, fundamental analysis and risk management systems.

Risk and Money Management Basics

Risk management is the theory of managing your trading risk to ensure that the trader is able to continue to trade through the inevitable bad times. There is nothing worse than having four consecutive losing trades, and then being on the right side of the market and have no trading capital left in your trading account to take advantage of it.

Why Trade Options?

Options are defined as the right to buy or sell an asset on a fixed future date at a fixed future price. They can be either an option to buy the asset (a “call option”) or an option to sell the asset (a “put option”) and can be either exchange traded (traded on a regulated exchange) or over the counter (traded directly with the counterparty). To make matters a little more complicated the trader or investor can either buy the option or sell the option.

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