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Format For Trading – Your Comprehensive Guide to Master Your Loss Position – Part 1

If your trade is in a profit position, at that point in time you are right. If your trade is in a loss position, at that pointing time you are wrong. If you are wrong, the only question is “how long will you be wrong?”

What Are the Minimum Requirements For Successfully Day Trading Future Contracts?

When I tell people I am a self employed futures trader, they often ask “What would I need to do to get into that?” They are attracted by the obvious life style benefits enjoyed by a successful day trader, but they have very little idea of what is involved. Here are the five most important things an aspiring trader must consider, and make decisions about, before leaping into the lions den.

3 Day Trade Tips

Day trading is a fast way to make a huge profit or sustain a huge loss. Fortunately most traders who fail in this fast paced market don’t do simple things or take precautions which are easy to execute to dramatically cut your risk. Consider these 3 day trade tips to trade smarter and make the kind of fast money that you want from the market.

How to Set Up an Online Trading Account

Stocks and shares are something that most of us have fancied investing in, but few have actually done so. Setting up stock trading accounts and deciding where to put our money seems an incredibly daunting task, but follow these tips and you will soon be a successful trader. There is a minimum of $500 dollars set by most of the trading companies, so ensure that you can afford this.

Trading Skills – 10 Basic Trading Rules

Never, ever add to a losing position or “average down.” Never, ever initiate or add to a trade without also simultaneously initiating or adding to a stop to get you out if you are wrong.

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