Two Secrets to Profit From Trading

Who wouldn’t want to profit from trading? It’s not unusual to come across traders who just can’t quit despite the challenges they face because of the hope of one day earning big. Unfortunately though, it also isn’t unheard of to encounter people who don’t earn well through trading at all. One good reason for this is that they don’t really know the two top secrets to earning big in the markets.

A Swing Trading System That Does This Will Make You Money

If you want to profit then your swing trading system needs to be based on price action and not indicators. We all know that 95% of traders fail, but what about the 5% that make it?

Relative Strength Indicator – 3 Reasons Why it Will Hurt Your Trading

Indicators are widely used by traders, but just because something is widely used doesn’t that mean it’s good. In fact given that 95% of traders fail it’s probably best to stay away from the herd unless you want to end up in the slaughterhouse. So, here are the top 3 reasons why the relative strength indicator will lead to your trading demise.

ES E-Mini Trading – Skilled Profession Or Just Gambling?

Sometimes the public perceives trading as a form of gambling. While there are risks involved in day trading, it is anything but gambling. Day traders use a finite set of criteria to evaluate trades, while gamblers ( with some exceptions) rely upon luck and chance.

Make Money Through Trading

Making money through trading is probably the safest and quickest way of making money. There are lots of people who are involved in trading and earning lots of money for themselves. The following are some of the key facts relating to making money through trading.

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