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ES Emini – Often Misused, the MACD Can Put Money in Your Pocket

I am interested in the this rate of change indicator to give me some insight into the strength of the current short trend. I cautioned early in the article not to use the MACD as a primary indicator, and I think this is good advice. In short term trading you will find yourself whipshawed in and out of trades and pile up small losses.

Day Trading For Beginners

Trading the financial markets has become extremely rewarding, for those investors that have mastered the intricacies of intra-day and other short-term trading techniques. Day-traders focus on rapid or short-term day-to-day methods to potentially profit from market movements. The markets traded are usually highly liquid index futures, currencies or stocks. Traders use either intra-day strategies designed to generate buy and sell signals within the same trading session, or short-term strategies designed to be open for a period of up to three days.

Why is Online Day Trading So Hard? Specifically the Emini Futures? Part 3

In the previous two articles, we have discussed some E mini trading errors that lead to failure and blowing up a fairly large account. We then discussed how I took time off and through that time discovered I truly did not have a day trading system that would suffice and reach my Emini futures expectations. So what did I do?

What Are S&P Emini Contracts?

Discover what an S&P Emini contract is and where it is derived from. Understand the popularity the S&P Emini brings a futures trader and how you can capitalize…

How to Chose a Day Trading Course

Tips to finding a good day trading course. What type of day trading system is offered? What should and shouldn’t be included when looking for your day trading course.

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