Forex Weekly analysis forecast – Gold/XAUUSD, SILVER, USDCHF, USDCAD Forex Trading Strategies

Top 10 Trading Principles

I’d like to share some trading principles. These 10 principles are the top 10 from a list of 50 principles that was compiled from a pamphlet printed 30 years ago entitled “How Young Millionaires Trade Commodities” and these principles still apply in today’s market. These principles should be observed to ensure long term success in the financial markets. Whether you trade commodities, stocks, indices or forex, these principles apply.

Forex Day Trading System – Don’t Be a Simp – Start Pimping the Forex Market Like the Gurus!

You have to have some kind of Forex day trading system to keep you making profits and minimizing your losses. This is where the experts come in at. The gurus have their own Forex day trading system that they use to its full potential to make huge profits.

What is the Best Investment Strategy to Get Consistent High Returns?

Are you sick of losing money on the stock market? Or are you too scared to even put your money into the stock market?

Mechanical Trading

Mechanical trading can help you avoid many pitfalls of emotional trading that can ruin your trading account. Emotions are your greatest enemies in trading. As you mature as a trader, you will need to develop a mechanical trading approach.

Day Trading on the Stock Market

You have heard it all before about how you can make a fortune with day trading in stocks. What you do not hear is how quickly you can lose your life’s savings if you are not careful in what you are doing.

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