Options Trading Explained – Is Options Trading Really For You?

Options trading is not for everybody. In fact, I would go as far as saying it’s not for the average investors as they don’t have the required knowledge and mindset. Without first learning the basics, you’ll be hard put to make any real money in the world of options.

Day Trading and Its Psychology

If you start day trading and your heart starts pounding with nervousness, then you are not ready to begin trading. Day trading psychology plays a very important role in trading and many books have been written about it to prepare traders for this event. However, most books do not offer a practical solution to the nervous which eggs you to make so many other mistakes.

Is Trading Dumb?

Wall Street traders are among the highest earners. The Internet has made trading easily available to the small player. But is it really a sure-fire road to wealth?

Find Your Trading Comfort Zone – And Step Outside It!

Most of us love the familiar. It’s that soothing feeling of security and calm. When you feel comfort without a sense of impending risk, you are in your “comfort zone.”

Don’t Be One of Pavlov’s Dogs When Trading!

Ivan Pavlov was a Russian physiologist renowned for his famous study on conditioned reflexes. While studying the physiological effects of eating in dogs, Pavlov began to observe that the salivation of the dogs was very curious.

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