GameStop (GME), AMC, and DogeCoin: My Thoughts…

Day Trading: Review the Tools of the Trade

Today’s traders have far more options than I had 10 years ago, but back then it still felt like there was a million variables to consider. After doing some thorough research I learned a lot of ways to ensure you have the best computer you need for day trading. Below you can review what has worked well for me in the past to configure a great trading machine.

Day Trading: One Of The Strategies With Real Leverage

The real way to day trade with high leverage, and mitigate your losses so that there is always an overall profit. Look at the example written here and ask me if you can disagree…

Trading the Markets – What Are You Not Seeing?

My one-time mentor Keith Cunningham has run numerous businesses and has partnered with and shared the stage with some well known coaches and trainers in the public eye, people such as Robert Kiyosaki, Anthony Robbins, and Donald Trump, among others. Keith knew Robert Kiyosaki personally, well before his success with the Rich Dad/Poor Dad series, and has taught at Tony Robbins’ Financial Mastery events several times.

Micro Lots General Review

Over the years there have been a lot of changes in the way online Forex trading was operated. One of the reasons adds ones in that were Micro lots. Micro lot trading is an account type where in a higher leverage is practiced.

Learn Day Trading

Day traders get in and then get out of their trades within the day, that’s the definition, and day trading is what so many traders want to do. Imagine ‘working’ when you want, from anywhere that you can connect to the internet and ‘earning’ amazing amounts of money. First step, you must learn day trading.

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