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What You Need To Know Before Taking The Plunge

There are a few things that would come in handy when you decide to go into this field. Here are some of the must-have and must-do things required to find success in stock market world.

Day Trading Tips: How To Choose the Best Chart Interval for Day Trading

Choosing the right chart interval is critical to your trading success. It is part of your money management plan, but also has a lot to do with the psychology of trading. There is no “magic” time interval for your charts, but there are several very important issues that can make the difference between success and failure which are often overlooked by amateur traders.

Multiple Time Frame Price Action – Provides Powerful Reversal Trade Set-Ups

You can make powerful reversal trades by using the Multiple Time Frame Price Action Indicator and the Time Segmented Volume Indicator. The interaction of 8 different price action lines on these TradeStation indicators will identify great reversal trade opportunities to give you high reward probability and low stop loss risk trade set-ups.

Is It Possible to Turn $500 to 1 Million Dollars?

It sounds like one of those scam emails offering to turn $500 into a million dollars or more. You kind of expect it to be followed by some weird story about a deposed dictator tying to get cash out of a country you’ve never really heard of and couldn’t find on a map unless the index was really, really good. But your interest has been piqued and you have that nagging “what if” feeling at the back of your mind.

Why Exits Are Critical in Trading

In trading, you should know where the trade or system exit is BEFORE you place the trade. Why is this important? It is amazing how stress and anxiety, when you are in the moment, can cause you to make a terrible decision. Probably a decision, that had you been calm, you never would have made.

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