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The Keltner Channel and Bollinger Bands

Day traders have used channels and bands in a variety of capacities to determine the volatility and range of the market. The Bollinger Band is most popular, and today I introduce the Keltner Channel which is popular with several day traders.

5 Tips For Fighting Day Trading Burnout

Full time traders often find themselves trading poorly, or entering trades outside their trading system parameters. This is often caused by trading burnout, and it should be dealt with with due haste. I offer some remedies for trading burnout, and a short discussion of the causes.

Catherine Davey – CFD Trading Diary of a Winner

Cat Davey has built a brilliant profile for herself and her latest CFD trading book illustrates exactly how she turned $13,000 into $30,000 in 3 months. For anyone looking to trade CFDs full time you will absolutely need to get a copy of this fantastic CFD book to give you an understanding of what it takes to trade full time and make a solid income stream.

CFD Broker Comparison – What to Look Out For

Doing an initial CFD Broker comparison is important to ensure you get the best CFD broker for your trading needs. With so many different Contracts for Difference brokers available its important to find the right one to help you meet your trading objectives. Today we’ll take a look at the key things to look out for when doing a CFD broker comparison.

CFD Trade Providers – Choosing the Best

CFD trade is gaining popularity among investors as a good alternative to share trading. This reality is giving CFD providers the opportunity to grow as an industry.

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