Taking Advantage of Volatility When Trading CFDs

Volatility is a blessing for CFD traders as movement is required to make money. I do not like it when the market just sits around in consolidation.

Does Technical Analysis Work?

There has been a long standing debate between academics and trader about the scientific validity of technical trading. Academia has long dismissed this form of trading as spurious. I explain my views on this topic and look at various technical indicators and asses their effectiveness in my personal trading.

7 Secrets You Should Know Before You Even Think of CFD Trading

While the process of trading CFDs may seem shrouded in mystery it is actually quite simple. Below is a list of the seven things you should know before you start trading CFDs.

The ASX Joins the Contracts For Difference Revolution With ASX CFDs

The Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) has recently listed ASX CFDs for equities, indices, currencies and commodities. These CFDs are identical to the CFDs issued by other CFD providers in the market, but there are a few differences in the way they trade.

CFD Risks – How to Avoid Financial Ruin

CFD risks are mainly due to the leverage that is available when trading them. When trading Contracts for Difference (CFDs) you are using a large amount of leverage and this leverage can work for you and work against you.

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