Gold / XAUUSD Trade Breakdown & Analysis: Is the Bull Run Finished?

5 Benefits Of Long Term Trading

Together short period and extended term trading can be productive trading plans yet; long duration trading has many significant benefits. These comprise the result of compounding, the chance to gain from dividends, decrease of the effect of price variations, the power to make adjustments in a more timely manner; less time spent watching stocks.

Exposing a Trader’s Blind Spot – The Most Overlooked and Critical Aspect of Trading

Traders know that position sizing is important, but because it requires some math calculations and some extra effort many traders simply use a fixed trade quantity for all trades. Why position sizing is so vital is summed up by Perry J. Kaufman in his book, New Trading Systems and Methods; “A trading system alone will not insure success without proper risk control beginning with individual trades… therefore the size of the position, the markets to trade, and when to increase or decrease leverage becomes important for financial survival.” As Mr. Kaufman points out, risk management via proper position sizing done on a trade by trade basis is vital to your trading account survival.

The Breakout Trade (Part I) – The Trend

The breakout trade is one of the most important techniques for a beginning trader to master. Here we discuss the logic behind the trade setup.

The Trading Environment – Chaos and Distractions

The physical world of trading is chaotic. Each trader has his own unique approach to navigate through the chaos and distractions of the trading environment. All traders must find their comfort zones.The trader’s comfort zone is in his mind where he balances the chaos in the trading environment with confidence in himself using his trading plan as his anchor.

Find the Best Forex Broker Using Forex Broker Comparison

The Forex industry is a highly competitive and volatile one and hence a lot of thought and research must go into choosing the best Forex broker. A perfect comparison is the best way by which you can achieve this as it helps you to understand the working style and rules of each broker. Comparing brokers must be your top priority before trading and a wrong decision here can break you even before you start out.

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