How Much Should you Risk Per Trade in Forex? (**The Truth REVEALED**)

Spread Betting – What is It, Why Traders Do it and How to Use it to Short the Markets

Spread betting has come of age since the early 1990’s at the same time as the advent of tax-free betting, credit accounts, one-to-one exchange betting and Asian handicaps. It is a powerful tool for the experienced – potentially very profitable and thrilling, but potentially also dangerously expensive.

Is Your Blood Sugar Affecting Your Trading Without You Even Realizing?

By changing my diet, not only did I drop 30 pounds, but I discovered that it had huge benefits for my trading. I was able to concentrate better, stay calmer, and think more clearly. With 20 million Americans suffering from low blood sugar, many without even realizing, there is a good chance that some of you reading this are affected. Maybe even you?

Must Know Basics to Know Before You Trade Online

The Internet has brought a lot of changes in the way that we live our lives and our conduct our personal business. We can shop, date, and bank online. You can do just about anything online.

Spread Betting Silver, Gold and Other Metals

In the early days I opened a few positions…things went well. Then I increased my positions, and having read up a little more, I put stops in place. Then two things happened:

Trading Problems – Maintaining Focus

Maintaining trading focus can be difficult. Not only will you face distractions from external sources, but you also face internal distractions from your negative fear-based trading mindset. In this article you will discover a simple but effective tool to help you minimize distraction, and maintain your focus on the job at hand – consistent application of your trading plan.

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