Daytrading Stocks For Income

How would you like to quit your job and make a living trading stocks from your computer? Work in your pajamas, no dealing with traffic, office politics, and job stress. You could have the time and energy to do what you want with your time while making better money than your old job. Trading stocks can give you these opportunities.

How to Make Money Day Trading Penny Stocks

When you think of day trading stocks do you imagine someone making a quick buck or do you see somebody making one bad trade after another? Which one is the real picture?

Trading Room – Action From the Floor

Are the floor traders really that smart? This article reveals the real truth about how they operate. There are some very talented floor traders, but they are not the majority.

The Limit and Stop-Loss Orders – Making Good Use of Market Orders

Are you planning to invest your money in trade? You might be considering futures trading as one of the options for your business venture. However, before fully participating into the futures trading system, it is important to read and search through information that can be useful once you start your trade.

Drawing Correct Angels + Technical Trading

A properly selected and drawn angle is a form of moving average, but unlike a moving average, it can project out into the future ahead of the price action on a chart. Drawing angels correctly and the proper use of the angels is crucial in successful technical trading. Using the correct degree angels is critical to successful trading. The two angels I have found to be the most accurate and beneficial are the 45 degree and 22 1/2 degree.

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