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Spread Betting: Make Riches Quick Or Fast Lane to the Poor House?

The real reason why many people start spread betting is that they see in it as an easy way to make riches fast and become millionaires. Most see the potential of spread betting to make them lots of money while sitting in front of a computer sipping tea or coffee but this is far from the truth.

30 Min Scalping Strategy Puts Pips in Your Pocket

The components of this 30 minute scalping strategy can be applied to almost any time frame. If you use it on another time frame please make adjustments for stop loss levels and profit targets.

Trading Binary Options

There is a new trend in online trading, and that is binary options trading. Since more and more people want to trade on the global markets, it is very important to simplify the process of trading and make it easier for everyone. The main reason why binary options are so successful nowadays it’s the fact that it is the simplest way of trading, and people like simple things.

Binary Options Strategy

If you are trading binary options you already know of the big advantages this kind of trading offers. What I will try to show in this article is a very simple strategy that can be applied in certain situations and give great results for those who trade using binary options. The strategy I’m about to explain is based on hedging and tries to obtain high profits while risking only a small investment.

Equityfeed Review

Learn more about the stock trading software every one is talking about. This EquityFeed Review shares my personal experience as a daytrader using the application to trade both big board and penny stocks.

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