How to Download, Install and Successfully use & AutoTrade with EA PIP SCALPER

The Master Trader Part 1

This article explains why profitable traders are profitable. The mastery of trading is a long and uneven process of consistently looking for improvement combined with a high level of discipline. The steps that I have outlined here are not a prerequisite for successful trading, but definitely act as a great tool for improvement.

Using Intraday Trading Charts to Trade Binary Options

Here are three traditional indicators traders use to try to predict stock prices. We also discuss how using binary options can mitigate some risks associated with trading non-US dollar priced assets. I also discuss one of my own creations that I use to help me gauge global forex market sentiment.

Can You Trade Range Compression? You’re Leaving Money on the Table

There are very few chart patterns in which I place a great deal of confidence, and I have found very few successful traders who rely solely on chart patterns for e-mini trading. That being said, there is a tremendous amount of literature on how to trade chart patterns and an equal number of chart pattern sceptics.

What Is the Absolute Best Contract for a Beginner in E-Mini Trading?

From the onset, it is important for every beginning trader to understand basic e-mini trading technique, support and resistance, volume, and some understanding of order flow. It is my opinion that the most difficult e-mini contract to trade for beginners) is the S&P 500 contract (ES). I could go on for several pages about market efficiency theory, but in a nutshell, the ES contract is extremely efficient because of the level of arbitrage and High Frequency Trading.

5 Most Profitable Triangle Patterns For Traders

Technical traders have hundreds of different indicators and setups at their disposal. Triangle patterns are just one form of technical analysis that traders rely on but if used correctly they can be more accurate than other, more well-known indicators.

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