Day Trading the Big Forex Moves – Do I Need a Stop Loss?

Day Trading the Forex markets can be very exciting and many traders will ask the question ‘Are the Forex brokers hunting my stop losses?’. Nothing is more annoying that getting set in a trade, setting your stop loss 30-40 pips away and watching in minutes as the market comes right back to your stop loss, kicks you out and then continues heading back in the direction of your trade…without you on it.

CFD Trading – The Main Advantage of Using a Direct Market Access CFD Broker

Trading Contracts for Difference can be a tricky market to get the hang of but once you do the rewards can be very exciting to say the least. The first thing you need to understand is which CFD broker is going to best serve your needs. Today we’ll take a look at the main advantage of using a Direct Market Access CFD Broker and how they can best serve your needs.

Day Trading Hot Tip – Use the Market Depth Window to Identify Opportunities

Knowing what you should be looking at when day trading the local markets is vital to your long term success. Using some of the best tools like the Market Depth window is essential and when done correctly can lead to some pretty amazing opportunities on a daily basis. It just takes a little bit of time, practice and a whole heap of patience. They may not show up every day, but they will show up.

3 Top Day Trading Tips

Making money when day trading comes from laying the correct foundation. At the base of that foundation comes a couple of key rules or tips that allow you to bring success into your life. Today we’re going to take a look at the 3 top Day Trading tips to get your started on the best foot and enjoy some nice day trading wins in the market.

Best Computer Setup For Day Trading With a Dual Monitor Screens

As a day trader you might be spending 8-14 hours in front of your computer on a daily basis. For this reason it is critical that you access the best computer set up via your dual monitor display. By having the dual monitor display you’ll begin to see trading in a whole new light and one that you’ll be happy to be a part of. Discover how easy it can be to get this set up on your current PC or laptop.

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