Trading Psychology – Be Wary of Trading Chat Rooms and Ego Tendencies

Are you a member of a trading chat room? Although they can be very useful, chat rooms can also be a danger for a trader. This article explains why.

Trading Psychology – Top Tips to Maintain Your Psychological Edge While Trading

Are you a trader looking for an edge? Your trading psychology skill-set is just as important as your technical trading skills. Here are seven tips you can use to build and maintain a psychological trading edge.

Trading Psychology – Five Things to Avoid in Trading

Are you a trader who reads the experts’ newsletters but still can’t seem to win at trading? Do you find yourself in losing trades because you had a market bias or refused to let the market tell you that your trade idea was wrong? From a trading psychology perspective, there are things you clearly don’t want to do. Here are five of them along with corrective remedies.

Trading Psychology – How Big Are Your Charts?

Are you frustrated with frequent losing trades? Do you “drill down” to a small time frame to try reduce risk and “see” the chart better? Read why dropping to a small time frame may seem to give you psychological comfort but may not be in your best trading interest.

Trading Psychology – Top Ten Trading Psychology Myths

Do you know what it takes to be a top trader? It’s not what you may think. Here are ten trading psychology myths you should be aware of for trading.

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