How to Grow a small Forex Account Fast: The Ultimate Guide

Day Trading Profit Secrets – How to Reduce the Noise in Your Charting

One of the big problems many new traders have is that they apply to many indicators to their charts. After all if 3 are good then 6 or 10 must be better.

Learn Swing Trading Strategies and Essentials For Swing Trading!

As I graduated from college and was looking for some source of income, a friend of mine suggested me to try my hands on Forex trading. I came across the term swing trading and had no idea what it is all about.

Day Trading Profit Secrets – How Do You Assess Your Risk?

This may seem like an obvious question but most new day traders don’t understand how to assess risk. In order to make a decision, firstly you need to know what risk is. If you ride a motor cycle its obvious that you are statistically at greater risk of injury or death than if you drive a car. But if you don’t wear a leather jacket and a helmet your risk increases considerable. Of course the risk of accident doesn’t change but the risk of injury does should you have an accident.

Self Discipline – The Tool to Success

On a day to day basis stock market is mostly governed by greed and fear. If this being not true, there is no logic for the market going up 100’s of points on one day and falling 100’s of points on the next day and sometimes on the same day.

Understand Swing Trading Basics For Making A Good Swing Trading Strategy!

The swing trading strategy is for the discretionary traders. All your success and achievements will actually depend on the way you use your discretion. You have to put everything into your swing trading strategy.

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