How to Grow a Small Trading Account in 2021 the RIGHT Way!

If You Are Going to Fail At Forex, Shouldn’t You Find Out How?

Put yourself in a room of 100 people that are there with the same objective, to make money in Forex trading. In front of you is a computer with several price charts for several currency pairs. You have just taken a 3 week course in trading Forex. You have also been given a $10,000 “live” trading account to trade with. For everything you make above the $10,000 you get to keep 40%, for everything that you lose, you must pay back. You will trade for 4 weeks, 5 days a week. At the end, the person with the most money will earn an extra 40% of the money they made.

Options Trading 101 – Your Simple Guide To Trading Options

This article is for people looking to get into options trading. Options trading is a extremely complex part of the market you need to know what you are doing.

The Thrill of the Open

The most exciting time of day in traditional futures markets is the open. Here’s why.

Investing With the Pros Vs On Your Own

With the lack of profitability of the World Stock Markets and World Real Estate markets to many it has become evident that the pros may not be as smart as we thought. However, not all Investment managers did poorly the past few years, but certainly many of them did. So is it wiser to simply call all of the shots with your investment portfolio or is it better to trust it to a true Professional who has done well in the past few years? This article will weigh the pros and cons of both avenues.

Learn How the Financial Markets Really Move

Have you ever wondered why so many so called experts call the market incorrectly? Many experts rely on other experts to indicate a general trend and what then follows is a herd mentality which is then reflected in articles and press reports that you read in your newspapers and elsewhere.

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