How To Know When To Cut Loss (Without Regret)?

Advantages of Binary Options

Binary options, digital options or all or nothing options are a relatively new type of investment instrument which is available for traders from mid-2008. Also known as fixed return options (ORF), have gained increasing popularity due to the relative simplicity of its operation, even for those traders with little or no previous experience in the market. These options are classified as exotic options, since although its operation is simple, the calculations behind the pricing are complex.

Trade With Confidence?

Virtually every teacher, webinar, and book on trading commands students to trade with confidence; to take setups with a positive and self-assured approach. Here is what that really means… and how to achieve it.

Why Day Trade the DAX When There Are Alternatives?

You may be wondering: Why day trade the DAX when you could make much more profits by accessing other programs? For Americans this is the equivalent of the Dow. It is comprised of the 30 largest companies in Germany which are assessed for capitalization and then weighted to give investors an indicator of how stable their money is going to be if they join.

Trading Rules and Why Traders (Like Children) Need Them

Yeah, yeah, yeah, traders need rules, but why? Trading rules are like New Year’s Resolutions; easy to come by, incredibly difficult to follow. In this article, we provide just a few of the reasons traders shouldn’t leave bed each morning without them.

The Psychology Behind Online Day Trading Losses

One of the attributes that we are taught from an early age is that it is good to be right. We probably notice this most at school where we are taught the importance of getting the right answers to pass tests and exams to progress in life. This means that most people come to associate being successful with being right. The problem with this kind of thinking when it comes to trading is that wanting to be right can lead to stubbornness.

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