How to Trade like a Pro: Trade AGAINST Losing Traders! Here’s How:

4 Things You Should Know About Day Trading

Day traders are the type of traders who buy and sell stock at a rapid pace throughout the day. The hope is to make a quick profit from the stocks rising or falling in value for the few moments they own it. Generally speaking, day traders purchase stocks with borrowed money.

Trade Stock Successfully With Emotional Detachment

Most Traders have the habit of entering a trade and staring at the price movement. The below article suggest that to be successful, one of the habit is to set your entry & exit point and then walk away.

Do I Need Forex Software To Deal In Foreign Currency

It has been well realized that those dealing in the Forex trade find it lucrative, but at the same time find it mysterious, with some believing it is more a question of ones luck. However I have always believed that this notion is incorrect, success in Forex trade is more a question of a deep analyses of the fundamental and technical aspects and having a shrewd and deep insight.

Cycles in Financial Markets

Financial markets are repetitive creatures. The same price movements can happen over and over again. That’s why we use charts to guide us in our trading.

Top 5 Benefits of Ratio Trading: Know the De Risk Theory of Stock Market Trade

Ajay Jain explains how the new scientific theory of ratio trading works. Why opt for ratio trading? What are the top benefits of ration trading? The article addresses these issues.

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