How to Trade Trendline Breakouts like a Pro: Forex Trading Strategy!

When to Max Out Your Daytrading Margin

You probably have a max loss rule that you live by as a trader. Here is a situation where you might want to violate that rule.

How Do You Choose the Best Day Trading Strategy?

The wealth of information available for you in order to learn how to day trade can be overwhelming. Speaking from experience, when I first started intraday trading I found it hard to see the wood for the trees. What with all the books, blogs, magazines, videos, seminars and all other media out there, it is not surprising that the majority of day traders fail to even break even. Statistics just released indicate that just over 97% of new day traders, who have been blinded by the potential wealth in the markets, fail to break even within a year.

Learn More About Day Trading

Want to learn more about day trader? Getting confused why certain people earn so much profit in stock market but you don’t? Join me in exploring the fun of stock market and start to learn in day trading.

Is Nicolas Darvas a Copycat?

Nicolas Darvas outfoxed Wall Street in the 1950s and he can help you to master the markets in 2010. Energize your trading with this insight from Nicholas Darvas. Nicolas Darvas is arguably one of the most successful traders of all time. In this article we anaylse the story of Nicolas Darvas and discuss ways of applying his strategies when you begin trading.

Nicolas Darvas Trading Insights – Trading Evaluations

Over his trading career, Nicolas Darvas documented his trading insights. Do you know who Nicolas Darvas is? He is a well known trader who generated 2 million dollars from 25,000 dollars in a timeframe of just 15 minutes. In this article we discuss Trading assumptions and the context of ‘trading evaluations’ which is one of the Nicolas Darvas Trading Insights.

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