I Let My Forex Robot Trade REAL Money… Here’s What Happened!

ES Emini Trading – The Scalping Style

Scalp trading is about making many small gains throughout the day and never about trying to hit a “home run” on a trade. Scalpers also rely heavily upon technical indicators and thus, most scalpers are experienced traders. Scalp traders risks are minimal and are an effective use of trading capital since this method of trading usually generates more winning trades than traditional day trading.

How Will You Handle a Bear Market?

The two main market trends are bull and bear markets. A bull market is the most favorable market to trade and the one that most people know how to trade. However, markets also trend down and these markets are called bear markets.

Reasons Why Many Private Traders and Investors Fail

According to research more than 90% of traders lose money. The accuracy of this has not been established, however, it’s a fact that more traders lose than win. Here are a few reasons why traders lose.

Binary Betting Tips and Developing Winning Strategies

This part gives you some hints and tips about keeping your wits about you to make the most of your binary betting – and making tax-free gains! Look at what’s happening on the markets to get a feel for which bets are most likely to succeed. You can find all the information you need in the newspapers or on news websites.

Daytrading Using Mean Reversion Strategies

One popular strategy among the hedge funds that focus on short term trading is the concept of mean reversion. What this basically means is that if a stock, commodity or currency gets a bit extended in price, it will tend to snap back to some sort of long term average price.

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