INSANE Forex Profit Opportunity: 2020 US Election! (Donald Trump vs. Joe Biden)

Performance-Based Trading Rooms Versus Education-Based Trading Rooms, Which Is Better?

There are a number of new trading room review sites that have gained both popularity and notoriety in the past year. In most cases, if you come across and Internet-based review site you can be sure that the top performer is a program that has a financial deal with the author of the review; but trading is a bit different and the review sites are different.

Should You Set Your Stop/Loss and Profit Targets Equidistant?

Is not unusual to hear a wide variety of opinions on how you should set your stops when e-mini trading. Some of the advice I read is quite sound, some is just plain wrong, and some of the advice is downright hilarious.

January Is the Month When I Am Flooded With New Traders, But December Is Better Month to Learn

If you start a trading course in January you essentially miss some of the best trading of the year. Why? When you begin e-mini training it takes at least a month to acquaint yourself with trading platforms, trading technique, emotional control, and a host of other essential skills that are required before one begins trading live, and even a month of training is often not sufficient.

A Story of 2 Novice Traders and Their Experience With Fear Based E-Mini Trading

If you have spent any time learning to trade e-mini contracts you should have heard several stern lectures on the primary emotions in trading; fear and greed. These 2 emotions are at the very heart of understanding the basics of trading. Oddly enough, individuals new to e-mini trading will seldom admit that they experience either fear or greed.

Would You Like to Be an E-Mini Day Trader? Let’s Start at the Very Beginning

I often wonder why individuals hit upon the idea to become active in seeking a career in e-mini trading. There are numerous obstacles to success in this business, and it takes a dedicated and doggedly determined individual to succeed. The numbers are no secret; well over 90% of new traders are flat broke at the end of 3 months.

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