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Identifying What Type of Learner You Are to Improve Your Trading

Quite often as beginning traders, we forget the learning process that we endured in order to achieve our status in our current career path. And, as we are older now, our learning process is quite different than we were in high school, which even complicates the learning process even more. In high school, we were at a beginner’s level, progressed to a college level and, more than likely, proceeded to the mastery level in our chosen field. Then for whatever reason, we choose to embark on a new career. Thus, we begin at the beginner’s level, again, after having achieved a mastery level in our other field, which makes the learning process even more difficult.

Trade on Facts, Not on Hope

Most traders lose and go bust because they trade based on hope and fear. Knowledge is key to winning at trading. When you trade based on knowledge, you will know when to enter and exit and act accordingly.

How Regulation Is Changing Binary Options Trading

Financial regulation has come to binary options brokers in Cyprus, leaving many traders outside the Eurozone with limited choices. Here is how securities regulation is changing the market for retail day traders of European-style fixed return contracts.

Nadex Spread Options: Low Risk Trading With Great Profit Potential

Many short term traders have never even considered trading options due to their long expiration times. However, with Nadex Spread Options, this is quickly changing. The Nadex Spread is based on support and resistance trading.

Most Novice E-Mini Traders Don’t Care to Learn to Trade – They’re Interested in Making Money

The institutional trading firm where I worked spent several years and tens of thousands of dollars teaching me to trade. Many of the new traders I come across are motivated by over-hyped claims of fast money and untold riches. Several weeks ago, I had a potential e-mini trader ask me if “he would make enough money in the first year to buy a Porsche.” I told him the probability of that happening was very low, and he replied that “he would find a teacher with a higher upside.”

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