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Traders – How Leverage Can Blow You Up!

I’ve seen many articles refer to but not define leverage very well, and it is of utmost importance if you are trading the financial markets. Here we go, but first realize that leverage feeds greed, and if not kept properly caged can blow up your trading account very, very quickly.

One Way to Trade Market Channels

The old adage “The trend is your friend” has some merit.  Forex markets do tend to trend more than other markets, but the fact of the matter is that most of the time, the markets are range bound or in a channel.

Why I Use Price Charts in Trading

To an experienced trader this sounds like a no brainer.  Who would dare trade without price charts?

How To Choose a Signals Service or Software – 2 Things to Consider

When Choosing a signals service or signals software, there are 2 main things to consider when doing your research. Find Out what you need to know before you subscribe to any service or software.

The 7-Point Trading Plan Template

Every beginning trader knows they need a trading plan, but creating a trading plan from scratch can be confusing. Discover this easy 7-point trading plan template and have a completed trading plan in the next few minutes!

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